Saturday, 20 December 2014

Upstairs, Downstairs

I did like the original series back in the ‘70s – not so keen on the more recent incarnation [somewhat overshadowed by the rather better Downton] But I could certainly do with a butler, cook and chambermaid at the minute. My house is in chaos!

Thursday was incredibly emotional, leaving the school where I had worked for 10 years on and off as a Supply Teacher [and made an infinite number of play costumes, and given SATs support to lots of 10 year olds] In assembly, the Head asked all the pupils I had taught to stand up. It seemed that almost every child got to their feet. I was in tears when presented with some gorgeous gifts, and more flowers and cards – and all day, random kids were running up and hugging me. Even a few Mums hugged me at 3.15!

I didn’t sleep well last night, and kept remembering different pupils and many of my good [and less than good] lessons. So on Friday  morning I was not really on top form when it came to getting the house ready for our Christmas Open House.

6.45pm downstairs was fine – my Belvoirdale ‘Tree card’ is already framed and on the wall – the sofas had a quick steam clean, the dips and crudités and nibbles are all ready for the guests. You can see my lovely flowers on the table.

open house chaos

but upstairs…I had a disaster emptying the shredder, lots of school stuff was just thrown [literally] into Steph’s bedroom, there are heaps of clothes in my bedroom awaiting sorting [wear them, pack them, send them to a CS]Utter and complete chaos reigns!

open house chaos1

Today we have Carol Singing at Cherry Tree Gifts, and then an evening with friends. Sunday will be busy preparing for the Candlelight Carols [and hot chocolate afterwards] So Monday is going to be a rather busy day, as I seek to find the floors again!!


This little metal star shaped tray is really meant to hold a candle – but I thought it made a good spoon rest for the little spoons I have put out to use for the dips. I decided to use up all my disposable plates/napkins/cups. No washing up, and less stuff to move to Dorset!


  1. We all seem to be the same at the moment - get out of bed in the morning and straight on to automatic pilot! I do think you could do with a little help - I'd be there in a heartbeat if you weren't so far away! I'm sure it'll be alright on the night and when you move to your new home, I hope they have lots of Christmas lights for you to enjoy! You're a bit of a shining light yourself, Angela. Keep on keeping on! x

  2. Keep going. I think Nana's help suggestion is a good one. If it just needs someone to box all these books, all these coats, all these shoes and it can be done without decision making, wheel someone in. Wheel ten people in! We lost the dining room pretty immediately as it filled up from the back with all the boxes. And all the wardrobes were emptied of clothes, especially seasonally inappropriate ones, and then they filled up with the boxes. I thought the smell of cardboard would never leave my nostrils...

  3. You are amazing! I can't imagine leaving my school and I've been there 7 1/4 years! You will get it done but I agree, get a little help! Oh and my spare room looks like that too! I've spent much of the day cleaning for my mum's visit tomorrow. Oops, the first time I've invited her to dinner at my house since we moved in! Oh and our friend Nath is round for dinner tonight@x


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