Monday, 25 January 2016

Bean There, Done That!

One of the delights of a visit to Liz is the opportunity to go shopping at Oli's Foodstore in the Walworth Road. This exotic Turkish emporium never closes. Even when there were riots happening on the Walworth Road, Jon tells me they simply stood a huge bouncer outside and operated a one customer in, one out policy!
In celebration of the Year of the Pulses, I stocked up on red lentils, split peas, chickpeas and white beans - plus pine-nuts, cinnamon sticks, tapioca and ground coriander - all way cheaper than I have found down here. Also a strange little pottery fish-dish containing halva. It was reduced to 99p. Apart from Oli's great prices, I love the colourful packaging - much more fun than a stack of orange and white 'basics' tins. 

Liz and I enjoyed a breakfast at Leon on Thursday - using two of the vouchers I won over Christmas. She had "porridge of the Gods" [with chocolate and banana] and a chocolatey drink. I had "smoked salmon, spinach, dill yogurt and poached egg on a lightly toasted muffin" [sans oeuf] and drank a ridiculously healthy, but surprisingly tasty carrot, apple and ginger juice. Thanks Leon!

On Monday evening, we  enjoyed Hugh F-W's 'chicken thighs with lentil and rosemary' - Liz made a huge casserole, and then served some, and froze some portions. It came from the current Waitrose Magazine. I picked up a copy at the Motorway Services on the way home - so plan to try this one out on Bob. Expect a review soon. 


  1. I haven't planned my meals for the week, but I do need to include one with pulses in it. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Banana and chocolate porridge sounds device! Tempted to make some for tomorrow x

  3. Mmmmm!!! I love buying those lentils from international shops! We had a brilliant one in Goodmayes that literally sold everything I needed and always was open! I miss it!x

  4. I loved seeing a package of cinnamon from my country of birth in the 2nd picture!


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