Thursday, 28 January 2016

Bottomz Up! [DIY Wipz]

Having a pack of baby wipes around is useful at times- my favourites are Mamia from Aldi [at first I misread it, and thought they said Narnia so that's what I call them now] 

But Liz being both thrifty and concerned about recycling decided that she wanted to check out re-usable ones before the baby arrives. 
There are loads of these on the market - basically a plastic box, containing washable cloths, with a moistening solution - and in deluxe sets, a second box for soiled cloths.

But they cost a lot of money - some over £30 a set. So we set about making our own for less than a fiver.

You need a pack of 10 IKEA washcloths [£3] and two plastic storage containers, with clip lids, about 16cm square. these were 2 for a quid in the £ shop]
Cut the cloths in half and hem the cut sides. You now have a stack of 20 cloths.

With a sharpie, mark lid AND base of the two boxes to show 'clean' and 'dirty'  [I did smiley/sad faces] Job done!

Well - almost - you do need to moisten them. Some people like to keep a spray bottle of solution by the changing table, and mist baby's bum as the nappy is changed [I am sure I would end up squirting the wriggling child in the eye] 

But most pour the solution in the box to keep the cloths moist and ready for use. There are lots of recipes for solution out there on the internet - the most common seems to be

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tsp baby bath/shampoo
  • 1 tsp baby oil
  • 10 drops of essential oil [tea tree or eucalyptus]
Shake this vigorously, then pour over your stack of cloths in the box, to saturate them. 
We decided to use half-size facecloths because a lot of the time, a smaller cloth would do - and you can always use two if really necessary. Folded once, these rectangles fit neatly into the box. 

I know this is perverse, as I am a real pedant about spelling usually, but on shopping lists, I almost always spell wipz [like beanz] with a 'z'. And sox, chox, and bix get an 'x' [my Mum did that too - it must be hereditary]


  1. This is a great idea. A lot of the wastage involved with babies really makes me anxious, like nappies and the wipes too, didn't even think about those!!! Liz sounds like a good eco-friendly person to know!!!Xx
    oh and the substitution of a z in those items is one of those things I really don't like!!! Ha, funny!x

  2. That's a great idea, I wish that I had known about it. I used soft cotton cloths and got a bowl of clean water each time. Having those close would have made it easier. I used reusable nappies, though, and everything went into the nappy bucket. I love wipes now and carry them around, usually for an emergency swipe at a mucky face or sticky hands, but they are ideal for cleaning things like light switches. x

  3. Were baby wipes around in the 80s? I remember using loo roll and baby lotion and that lovely gooey white cream - what was that called? being another nana to be I'd better start perusing the baby stuff in shops to get myself up to date!

  4. Well done, making your own baby wipes!


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