Saturday, 9 January 2016

January Joys

First there was the £10 voucher from Lidl - compensation for issues with a Christmas turkey! Thank you, Customer Service Department.
Then there was a pack of 28 vouchers for 'breakfast plus a drink' from Leon [I won one of their Advent Calendar prizes on Twitter]- which will be very useful when I am up in London, and I can share them with the family too. Thank you Henry Dimbleby and co.
Finally there was the totally unexpected, quite substantial cheque from HMRC, and information that I paid too much tax in the year ending April 2015. Enough money for me to go and get my glasses replaced. Thank you Inland Revenue.

God is truly amazing - and much more reliable at meeting my needs than Lottery tickets. Did you realise that recent changes in the system means that you are twice as likely to be canonised by the Pope as you are to win the National Lottery Jackpot?

Gratuitous picture of Saint Angela - who dedicated her life to the education of women.


  1. Dear St Ang, Thank you for the information re the Lottery (which I don't do), but it's good to know that canonisation is possible.

  2. I haven't played the lottery for years!!! Glad you got some good vouchers!!!x

  3. I wonder which one would net you the biggest financial reward? Does the role of Pope pay well? I'm assuming he isn't salaried but given an allowance?

    1. As the role of Pope requires the person to be male, celibate and Roman Catholic, I would not want it, however great the salary!


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