Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Not Such A Venerable Bead

Microbeads are tiny particles of plastic- ingredients in facial scrubs, toothpastes and thousands of other 'personal care products' sold round the world.  Hardly visible to the naked eye, they flow down the bathroom sink, straight into the sewage system. They are so tiny that waste-water plants cannot filter them out- so they end up in the oceans. Sea creatures eat or absorb these microbeads - they get into the marine food chain - and therefore, as we are at the top of the food chain, it is likely that people too are absorbing plastic microbeads. They are not degradable - and impossible to remove from the environment.

The US Congress has just banned them and there is currently a petition calling on the UK Government to follow suit. This website lists all the products containing these little monsters and you can check out those available in the UK. There are plenty of natural alternatives
I am not a great purchaser of cosmetics [although I do use whitening toothpaste sometimes] but since I became aware of these tiny invaders I have been more careful whose products I buy. It seems illogical that companies can claim their products are 'not tested on animals' when they are then feeding them to the fishes!
I have signed the petition, and had a good rant - now it is up to you!!


  1. Signed petition. Yuk, that's nasty. Thank you for bring this to our attention, never knew.

  2. Well done for highlighting the problem. I doubt I use any products with them in but I will check carefully just to make sure and will sign the petition.x

  3. This was brought to my attention on a TV prog not long ago. I use an apricot facial scrub but must check the contents of the toothpaste ...
    Margaret P

  4. I find it really scary the things that we buy and use unknowingly that contain things that damage our wonderful world and the other creatures in it. I had heard about these microbeads but am off to check out the brands and things that contain them to ensure that I am not innocently adding to the problem - thanks for your rant - always good to have a rant if it's about something so important I feel.

  5. I don't use facial scrubs, but had no idea that this affected toothpaste also. I shall go and read mine.

  6. Thankyou for highlighting this, I've signed the petition & shared the link with others,Vee x

  7. Just wanted to add my thanks to those above for your post which highlights the problem. I had no idea that these little bits of plastic are contained in everyday products. I'm off to check our toothpaste !


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