Sunday, 31 January 2016

Hot Story, Cool Music!

We are going through the book of Daniel on Sunday mornings at church. Last week we watched this video [Bob had to edit it, to make it shorter - this is the full version] Hope you enjoy it as much as our congregation did!
A bit of 'barbershop' singing certainly livens up the service


  1. This reminds me of a monologue that DH, then my boyfriend, and I made up many years ago for a church event. I only remember part of it.

    In a country, just East of Blackpool,
    Across a wide river or two,
    Lived a king named Nebuchadnezzar,
    Who thought up a law for to do.

    “All peasants who live in my country,
    All people both male and female,
    Must worship this bloomin’ great idol
    I got from t’ last jumble sale.

    It wouldn't fit over the fireplace,
    Flippin' great thing was too tall,
    So I stuck it out here
    In't main square so all you could see it 'n all.

    Now when I play on my zither
    Or psaltery, or sackbut or th’ harp
    You must all fall down on your faces.
    Come on, quick now, be sharp.”

    I can't remember any more of it. Love the singing on the video.

  2. PS If you don't want to publish my little ditty, I won't mind.

  3. It is too much fun , so it has been published. Thanks!


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