Saturday, 16 January 2016

Keeping My Finger On The Pulse


I try and keep up to date, but I admit that I am rather behind with this news item - did you know that the United Nations* has declared this "The International Year of Pulses"?? No, me neither- but thanks to blogfriend Gill [that British Woman] in Canada, I feel fully informed about this one.
“Much work needs to be done to end hunger and provide food security and nutrition for all. One concrete, promising opportunity lies with pulses. Let us join forces to raise awareness of the benefits of pulses,” said the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon. “Despite strong evidence of the health and nutritional benefits of pulses, their consumption of pulses remains low in many developing and developed countries. The International Year can help overcome this lack of knowledge,”

Further, he also said that pulses impact the environment positively due to their nitrogen-fixing properties, which increase soil fertility. The UN chief also called for collaborative commitment and concrete action by all relevant actors within the UN system, farmers’ organizations, civil society and the private sector, to make the International Year of Pulses 2016 a success.
I love beans, and lentils, and chickpeas - so I shall make every effort to participate in this one!
I suspect that Gill knew about it because Canada is one of the world's top pulse producers [who knew that?] and so they are making a big deal of it over there.
What is your favourite pulse recipe?
What have you BEAN cooking recently?
*It seems they originally declared this back in 2013. Not very loudly [imho]


  1. Cheese and lentil wedges are a favourite with me and I add lentils to most soups I make too. O a;sp enjoy hummus and could quite happily give up meat and other proteins and replace them with pulses. It will be interesting to hear more on this subject.

  2. The year of the pulses! Who knew? I didn't! thanks for sharing this, we love pulses and will keep eating them.

  3. Thank you - I need to use these more!

  4. Love pulses but, they can make me a little errmm...unsociable!
    I love making quick hummous with a can of chickpeas,clove or 2 of garlic,a little olive oil and fresh lemon juice, served with toast or crispbread.
    Also like butter beans,blackeyed beans,peas, well all of them really,though enjoy broadbeans fresh and young, with parsley sauce, bacon/gammon chop, new potatoes.

  5. We like pinto beans, cooked all day on top of the wood stove, with a little salt and pepper to taste, and enough water to cover. (they can be cooked on the cooker top on low heat) Serve with corn bread. It's great on a cold winter's day. I sprinkle a little chopped up onion on top and a little ketchup. They are good. :-)

    1. I really should try and make some corn bread- I have a recipe in my Mennonite cookbook. Thanks for this suggestion

  6. thank you for the mention. Going to make Kidney Bean Lasagna this week....


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