Saturday, 23 January 2016

Home Again!

I have had a wonderful time in London with Liz [and Jon]. We have been to fascinating places, eaten great food, and talked non stop about books, babies, bedding, Boris, bridges, baking, and a billion things not beginning with B. I've helped with housework, and put my sewing machine to good use, and done some knitting - and then yesterday I drove back to Dorset. It took ages. There is something slightly irritating about sitting in a traffic jam on the M25 listening to Sally Traffic on Radio 2 telling you there is a traffic jam on the M25!! So today I am taking things easy. 


  1. Yes,you think I KNOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!! Glad you had a super time!

  2. Make sure that in between all your packing, you take time to rest, Kezzie. And remember, home is where the heart is - your new place will soon feel like home, once you and CBC have settled in!

  3. That M25! we try and avoid it whenever possible

  4. Nice you enjoyed your visit. Snoopy's right ~ there's no place like home! I've traveled the M25 ~ not my cup of tea!:-)
    Enjoy your weekend ♥

  5. You drove to London!? You are my hero.


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