Friday, 22 January 2016

Putting Pen To Paper

 Two unexpected gifts came my way recently – they are the loveliest sort, out of the blue like that. The first from my good friend Carole, back in Kirby Muxloe, a copy of a new book. This was written by Vivien,[pictured] who was her bridesmaid [back in 1964, I think it was!] 

Vivien now lives ‘across the pond’  - but she and I have become friends via this blog, and we sometimes email each other.

Vivien’s book is about her experiences as a new bride out in Africa. I shall review the book when I have read it properly. She hopes to sell a few copies here in the UK, as the profits are all going to charity. She wants her gift of writing to be a blessing to others.

The second gift was a fountain pen – my friend Peter was having a sort out of stationery stuff, and found an excess of Parker Pens – so kindly passed one on to me [along with spare cartridges] It is so lovely to hold and to write with.
A short text is good in an emergency, an email is useful for passing on more information, a postcard with a picture is lovely, a letter printed from a PC is legible but always feels businesslike 

– but nothing beats a couple of sheets of decent notepaper, covered in flowing script, expressing affection love and concern.

Thank you Carole, and Vivien and Peter for your generosity [I may even write you proper thank you letters sometime!]


  1. A letter gives such pleasure, far more than a text!

  2. Re-reading an e mail seems pointless but real letters can be treasured. It's like anything homemade - it carries so much more than first appears.

  3. Nicest feeling in the world is when an old letter falls out of a Bible

  4. You might be interested in joining in wioth this exchange if you have a lovely new pen to use!!

  5. I have a drawer full of old letters from friends. I'd like a letter any day rather than an email or text!


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