Monday, 11 January 2016

Sew Much More...

The cost of dress patterns being what it is, I do like to feel they are well used. I purchased this Lisette 'Market ' pattern a couple of years ago
My first three projects were a brown skirt [repurposed from a CS pinafore dress] a yellow top and a pink/lilac tunic [both retro fabric lengths which my neighbour gave me when clearing her stash] Then I made a blue print dress [a sarong length which Kezzie sent me] 
The top and dress had short sleeves, the tunic had elbow length sleeves. They all saw plenty of use when I visited Salzburg in June 2014 for my WWDP European Conference
And now I have made another dress from the pattern. This time it has elbow length sleeves, and I have added two patch pockets just above the hem. It looks better on me than it does on the hanger, but Bob wasn't around to take a photo!
My blue and gold felt and denim brooch [a gift from a kind blogfriend some time ago] looks beautiful pinned to the shoulder. I used this 100% cotton fabric, bought from Fabricland in Bournemouth [1½ metres @ £3.95 a metre] It is called "Let's Wash Teddy"!
£6 for a new dress isn't bad. I was originally planning to wear it over Christmas- but in the end it didn't get sewn up till Friday night and I wore it for Saturday's Grand Opening instead [with deep purple opaque tights] I love the fact that there is no zip, so it is very quick to sew up, and easy to wriggle into. 


  1. That material is so fun! I really like the dress you've made, show us what it looks like on you when Bob has a moment.x

  2. P.s. I like the sunny looking brooch!!x

  3. I wish I could sew clothes! My mother tried to teach me when I was young, but I was overcome by math vapors. Fortunately, these don't seem to affect me when I quilt!



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