Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Ottoman Empire

Five years ago I posted about my little ottoman. I have had it in since my student days in Oxford. It was £5 in the North Hinksey Bedding Shop Autumn Sale. I had to carry it all the way back to college, with the help of a friend, because they would not deliver anything costing less than £20! I used it as extra seating, book storage, and a coffee table. It was covered in 1970's pink and orange printed plastic.
Then when I got married, I covered it in brown fabric to match our brown and orange lounge [it was still the 1970's] Briefly it did duty as a toybox, with the lid covered in a red alphabet print [long since removed and turned into a sewing machine cover] It got rather faded and dirty.
When we moved to Kirby Muxloe, green dralon curtains made matching covers for the ottoman, and the bedroom stool. In 2011, I turned it into a shoe storage unit by putting two of those hanging shoe bags inside. At the time I mentioned I need to recover it.

This week I stripped it back to its original plastic, using a staple remover and a pair of pliers. here are the three different covers.
I'd found some striped ticking for £1.50 in a bin outside a curtain shop in Salisbury before Christmas. And then I unpicked a large piece of blue denim which had originally  been a Shepherd's Costume in the Nativity Box in the loft. The Black and Decker Powershot was fished out again, and voila, a chic new shoe store! [that is not a stain, just a damp patch where I was over zealous with the steam iron - it has dried out now]

This should do me a few more years I think - not bad for £1.50


  1. It is very impressive how you have managed to reinvent it so many times. Its current incarnation is my favourite!

  2. Hi Angela! Love this...I have one of these, though it's still got its original green floral plastic covering. At that time, you could buy matching items such as a laundry bin, loo brush and waste bin. (I think they were from 'Plsyu'?). Fab 're-inventing' for your beloved item! Mine has followed me from house to house over the years. I am loathe to part with it!

  3. Not bad for the original fiver either!

  4. Very nice. Love the blue with stripes on top.

  5. Amazing transformation, I love that you re-purposed the nativity costume as well !


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