Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Not So Fast!

Last weekend, I stopped at the Motorway Services, and looked briefly at the magazines in WHS [then picked up a free one in Waitrose] It being January, they are selling the February editions. I have never quite understood that system, but they all do it. Here are some covers
All of them carry features about getting fit, getting healthy, losing weight etc. I appreciate that this is all part of the 'New Year, New You' thing. But I am beginning to question this idea.
The thing is, January in my house at least, is the hardest time to thing about diets and weight loss. I ate sensibly over Christmas [most of the time] and did not put on any weight. But part of that was because I did not pig out on the lovely foodie gifts we received.

But we did eat some of them up - fancy biscuits and sweets were enjoyed as desserts, posh jams spread on breakfast toast and croissants. That meant some of the Christmas food I had got in the freezer was untouched.  So in January, we are eating up the Christmas leftovers which remain in the freezer. 
This means there is no way I am planning to diet this month. On Saturday I used the two packs of frozen pastry, and some apples from a friend to make a batch of apple pies
These have gone into the freezer [apart from the tarte tatin which we ate straightaway] and I also baked that fish-ful of halva whilst the oven was hot. It is a soft, sweet peanut/sesame dessert, rather pleasant in small portions.

Two weeks from today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. I may choose to fast from fancy puds then. But for the remainder of January, I am planning to enjoy the pies and pastries. And of course, the Grand Manse Pancake Party will be happen on Shrove Tuesday. 
But don't expect courgetti, Dukan Diets and green kale smoothies round here anytime soon!


  1. I've never understood the mania for dieting in January and February, the worst two months of the year when normal people need the calories to keep warm and keep going. Plus I don't like wasting all those goodies! And as for struggling to the gym on cold, dark and miserable evenings.....forget it! Now is the time to scurry home and sit in front of the fire with a toasted teacake and mug of cocoa!
    January is a good time to think about cutting down on the booze but March is plenty soon enough to think about diets..........unless it snows.......then April is the time!

  2. It will take me many more weeks to eat my way through all the foodie gifts. I do remove something from my diet for Lent, the hardest one was bread and all the alternatives. Funnily enough the easiest was chocolate, I did not miss it at all. I have never attempted to give up tea, I do not possess that amount of will power.

  3. Me neither! Jan is depressing enough as it is without deprivation!! I didn't pig out at Christmas what with the tooth and I don't tend to anyway!!!

  4. I agree, Ang! The other problem is that here is France, January ois the month of the Galette des Rois (a puff pastry, frangipane confection) followed by bugnes, which are made & sold before lent - a sort of doughnutty affair, sprinkled with lots of icing sugar, and best eaten with jam. What's a girl to do?!
    Lent is my 40 Acts, so I'm not giving up anything yummy. Just trying to be a little more sensible!!

    1. I am sure that if I lived in France, I'd be the size of a small chateau by now! This idea of all Frenchwomen being thin and chic must be a myth, surely?


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