Saturday, 30 January 2016

If At First You Don't Succeed...

So, two years ago, I took on the 52 Projects Challenge
The idea came from a couple of blogs I was following at the time - one now defunct, the other still going
The idea was that you made a list of 52 projects you hoped to complete during 2014 - then did them!

If you click on the categories list on my sidebar you will see my attempts. The problem was that other things seemed to get in the way, and somewhere in the autumn, I lost the list! I did not manage the things - but I did get other things done. 
I have decided the approach was wrong - instead of berating myself for what I did not achieve, it would be better to stop at the end of each month and make a collage of stuff I had produced, and was pleased with.  And I would not make the list in advance, that way I would be doomed to fail. So here is January's picture 

  1. my latest dress from the 'Market' Pattern
  2. my recovered ottoman
  3. the baby hat and bootees made for a friend's newborn
  4. a striped baby cardigan

The cardi is using up some wool Liz bought and didn't get on with. I added a third colour and used that Sirdar book again to knit this one. It is in a larger size - knitting the newborn sizes may be quicker, but babies do grow so fast it is more sense to do bigger stuff.


  1. You've had a great start to the challenge. Love the colours of the ottoman

  2. Well done Ang. 52 is too big a number to think about. Doing it month by month looks better. If I had to make a list very little would be crossed off!

  3. I think this approach is good!!! It is nice to have projects!x

  4. love all your baby things you knitted, they will be greatly appreciated. You have been very productive.

  5. A project a week is so ambitious. I have real trouble motivating myself to get things done - particularly in the heat like it is here now. Best wishes. Carole from Carole's chatter

  6. Ha! that's a great knitters' phrase. My Mum used to say that there were some kinds of wool she "didn't get on with"

    1. Liz only re-learned to knit this time last year, and now she is incredibly proficient. Very useful with a baby imminent!


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