Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Makes

I have knitted so many baby things that I decided to take a break. So I thought I would knit the second sock of the pair I started last summer. This is a two-needle pattern, with seams up the inside of the calf. To my SILs amusement, I managed to knit two left socks! So then I had to knit two right socks, to make two 'proper' pairs.  I went on and knitted two more pairs in different colours. This was all in Strompegarn,  Tiger Sock Yarn. All was well with the grey and black colourways - but the camouflage yarn left my fingers black, and felt gritty to knit with. When I had finished, I washed the socks, and the remaining wool - and the water turned to green ink! I have contacted them about it. I have never had a problem with this yarn before. The socks were fine and soft after the washing.

Here are my four pairs [in differing sizes] - now to decide about April Crafts


  1. Oooh, they're gorgeous!!!! I love handknitted socks!

  2. The socks are gorgeous. All the dye talk and I HAVE wondered about the first washing. Interesting.

  3. I hand wash all handknitted socks, the worst culprits for colour galloping out are Tiger and Lidl, never a problem with Regia and slightly more expensive yarns.

  4. The socks are lovely! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  5. Could I be cheeky and ask for a copy of the pattern please? (I'm hopeless with more than 2 needles!).
    Hope you enjoyed the Wedding today. xxx


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