Sunday, 29 May 2016

Calming The Troubled Waters

This has been the verse on my Bible Society Calendar this month - which is great. It not only fits in with our WWDP theme for the year [Receive Children, Receive Me] but also we had a special Prayer Evening for children and young people last Monday night at Church. We prayed for all the youth activities connected with church, for those groups which happen at other local churches, for the schools around us, and for any other children we might know - family, friends or neighbours. 
There was quiet prayer in the Chapel, with a rolling programme of topics on the big screen. In the Church Hall, Miriam, our Youth Minister, had prepared some activities to help focus prayers.[thanks Mim!] One table had a set of 'calm jars' - with these instructions

The jars contained coloured liquids and glitter or oil droplets. It was good to look at the swirling patterns, then to watch the turbulence settle. 

There was a stack of paper circles, representing bubbles cut from paper. We could write prayers on them, for the young people who were experiencing lack of calm in their lives [due to exams, relationships, whatever...] or for ourseves,that we might know God's peace.

I thought it was an excellent exercise. Miriam had asked me if I had any jars - and I was happy to donate some from the box in the pantry [that's 6% of my May declutter!] If you google Montessori Calm Jars, you will find lots of recipes and ideas for making your own.

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  1. Such a good idea! More of us need to learn how to be still, to allow time for quiet reflection.


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