Saturday, 14 May 2016

Hands, Feet, Heads...and Asses!

On Tuesday when we went to Salisbury with Steph, we looked at the sculptures currently on display in the Cathedral grounds and cloisters. Sophie Ryder's exhibition is called 'Relationships' My favourite piece was the hand [and then the feet] I was not so sure about the ladies with Hare-y heads!


The tubs of tulips at the entrance to the Cathedral Car Park were utterly amazing - their fabulous feathered petals shone so brightly in the dismal grey rain.

Of course it was essential to get a picture of Steph and Bob in the stocks. 
We enjoyed browsing round the shops in Salisbury - but this label in Tiger reduced Steph and myself to a fit of childish giggles.


  1. You are very observant to have noticed that sign!! Ha ha!! The sculptures are really impressive!!x

  2. That is pretty funny, Ang!
    What amazing art! I love the rabbits and the feet!

    1. The sculptures were quite stunning, both from a distance and up close


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