Friday, 6 May 2016

Tom's Got A Ticket!

An incredibly generous Everton  fan has donated their ticket to Tom Gill. So he WILL get to see the game tomorrow at the Leicester King Power Stadium. His wife Carla has stayed behindin Uganda - she is busy training for the Ugandan Marathon, where she's running to raise funds for EAP. What a great young couple they are.
UPDATE - someone has asked how to help Tom replace his bike [because it well be easier for him to do his work in Uganda if he has transport] You can send cheques to the Leicester office - please specify what it is for - address here. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR KINDNESS!


  1. It does rather restore one's faith in human nature a little, doesn't it?! I'm glad that Tom has his ticket - and from the opposition too (scousers CAN be generous!!) It's nice that a fund to replace his bike has also been set up.


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