Sunday, 8 May 2016

It's Out Of The Bag!

Yes, well done, to the people who suggested the bags were for my WWDP Conference. My friend Natalie was running a session about 'praying with children and families'
The larger bags were designed to hold a small Bible, a notebook, post-it notes and a few pencils/crayons plus one of the smaller bags. The smaller bag was for 6 specific items.

The suggestion is that the family sits round together, towards the end of the day [maybe after tea or at bedtime] and ask the question "What has today been like for you?"
Each member of the family can pick one or more of the items from the little bag to show what experiences their day has included, whether good or bad. Then they can write [or draw] things to pray about in the notebook, and on the post-it notes. On subsequent days they can talk about what has happened, and answers to prayer. 
Here are the contents of the small bag - which come with a crib sheet to help you remember what they stand for!

Heart - has there been anything you have loved today?
Rock - has anything been hard today?
Star - encourage someone else in your family for something good they did or said today
Tea Light - has anything sparked or inspired you today?
Red Nose - has anything been funny today?
Shell - have you heard God today?
Thank you Natalie, I think this is a super idea. Most of the young women at our conference took these bags back to use with their families or church children's groups. So simple to produce, and so effective. [If you can't find a red nose, you could substitute a party-blower or other silly little toy]

How has it been for you today then? Which item[s] would you choose to represent your experiences? What would you write on your prayer-post-it to stick on the fridge?


  1. I have loved the weather today - perfect.
    Thank you for the changing seasons and different kinds of weather which help the earth to be a beautiful place. Help us to look after our world and be at peace with all the people who live on it.

  2. What a lovely concept! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Goodness, Ang, thank you for this. I think I am going home to try the same. We have been using a super book called table Talk and it has been very effective and making us think, and discuss, and pray together. This brilliant bag would be perfect avec.


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