Friday, 13 May 2016

Laughter, The Best Medicine...

The Reader's Digest Magazine always ran a page of amusing anecdotes sent in by subscribers entitled Laughter, The Best Medicine... [maybe it still does, I haven't read a copy for years, they don't even have a stack of them in the dentists anymore] But here are some things which have made me smile this week.

The story on the BBC website about a delayed plane.

The lady saw the man sitting next to her working on equations and assumed he was probably a terrorist. We mathematicians can be very dangerous, you know!

Then there was the Amazonian Flannel Moth Caterpillar - now renamed the Donald Trump Caterpillar [watch the video]

In Christchurch, the van which was stopped in front of us at the traffic lights. I am used to signs declaring 'no tools...' or 'no money...' is left in vehicles overnight. But vegetables? Are they worried someone will pilfer the parsnips, or burgle the broccoli? 

And finally, following recent elections, in answer to the question "What does our newly appointed Police Commissioner do?", I thought the best answer was "He is in charge of the bat-signal"


  1. Be careful that you don't write any mathematical theorems while flying!

  2. My favourite bit was the word quiz at the start. I never got quite as high a score as I felt I deserved! Trump is quite the comic, right up until somebody puts him in office.

  3. Thank you - I haven't seen a Reader's Digest in Years, but Laughter is the best Medicine was one of my favourite bits x

  4. Ha, ha Mathematicians be a dangerous breed!!!! Mwa ha ha!!! I used to love reading the Reader's Digest at my Grandparents! THE CATERPILLAR- that is utterly hilarious!!!x


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