Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Practising What I Preach

Plan A: Drive back on Sunday afternoon from WWDP Conference in Northampton, deliver my friend Penny to her house at the other end of town. Unload car, put out dustbins, go to bed. And then spend Monday changing sheets, unpacking, washing, ironing, getting house straight for Bob's return on Tuesday.

Sunday's journey was tedious. Big hold up at Oxford. We stopped at the next services for loos and a drink. I rang Bob. He, Liz, Jon, Rosie, Adrian and Marion were sitting outside in the sunshine, planning their Bank Holiday Monday. [Work at L&Js cottage, then all go to a village fete, then L,J&R back to London] It all sounded idyllic. More fun than housework. 
I got home around 6.30pm and revised my plans.

Plan B: Drive back, deposit Penny, unload car, do the bins, buy petrol and drive to Norfolk.

10.40pm Sunday night - stopped at the end of the road by Cornerstones, and sent my unsuspecting husband a text. "Please put the kettle on" One minute later I rang the front doorbell.

Monday was spent enjoying the day with the family. Much more fun than housekeeping, and Rosie is growing so fast. It was such a great family day together.

Sorry, no pictures yet, the camera-to-PC lead is in Dorset [where the dust and chores are also waiting!]


  1. Sounds like it was indeed a great family day :)

  2. Great change of plan. So much better to spend time with family than on your own and doing housework.

  3. Come on! You are teasing us! What were the bags for? My guess is the WWDP conference.

    1. I am sorry - yes, bags were for WWDP - photos will follow soon!!

  4. Fab Plan B - great idea, and glad you had time to spend with the family xx

  5. Never mind the dust, it will still be there when you are long gone. Glad you enjoyed your day with your family.

  6. Glad you were able to spend the day with family. A lot of driving, but MUCH better than doing housework by yourself.

  7. It was definitely worth it - I'm back home now, to the great laundry mountain, sermon prep and other tasks, but the time spent with everyone in Norfolk was truly fantastic.


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