Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Fond Of A Fondue

With the current revival of retro cookware, we have acquired not one but two fondue sets. Bob bought the first, a lovely Le Creuset one, for £5 in a CS in Norfolk. We have yet to use it 'properly' there, but he did make a superb soup in it - it is a lovely cooking pot, and looks great as a serving dish too.
As these are still retailing at over £100 this seemed a bargain. We had to purchase a new set of forks - and hope to use it 'properly' soon. But when I was telling a friend, she said "Oh we still have fondue parties - we have two sets - one for the savoury and one for the sweet course" Which seemed a fun idea. Then I saw an "Invicta" french cast iron set [with forks] for only £4 in a CS here. So when Steph visited the other weekend, we had a chocolate fondue for dessert. She joked about feeling like she was back in the 70s - but did admit it was fun, and delicious. I modified HFWs Trinity from fruit, creamy, cakey to fruit, creamy, squidgy by making marshmallows on of the dips. 
Sauce- break up a small bar of Lidl plain chocolate, just cover with single cream, and melt gently. Dips - strawberry, melon chunks and marshmallows. Yum!


  1. You could add "cakey" to the mix by having little madeleines, or chunks of madeira cake to dip into the chocolate. I like banana dipped in as well. If you like coconut, using a coconut chocolate adds to the flavour too!

  2. We were given a little Le Creuset one as a wedding present and used it a few times, but then it went somewhere in a great minimalist purge. I can honestly say that we haven't missed it yet! We do have a chocolate fountain, though, which the boys love and which serves for birthday party novelty!

  3. give it a christening.

  4. This is very cool! I love your Le Creuset one!!! I love the shot of Bob cramming one in his mouth!


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