Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Fun At The Food Festival

It was lovely to have Steph with us for 48 hours- and when we collected her from Christchurch Station on Sunday afternoon, we took the opportunity to walk down to the High Street and look at the Food Festival. It was a gloriously sunny day, and the smells of freshly cooked street foods, and the colours of the goods on display were fabulous.
And there were cocktails sticks and little plastic cups everywhere, with loads of free samples of food and drink. 

We walked back in order to get home and change before church - the busker was still happily playing in the subway and the daisies and tulips were looking pretty as ever.
But after the Giggly Pig, Tasty Pig and Crispy Duck Stalls, we were a little concerned about the "Four Legged Fancies Dog Bakery"
Well done to Bournemouth Water for giving away lovely glasses of chilled water - your staff were so cheerful, and these free drinks were so refreshing.
Events like this are good for the community and fun for families - but the sunshine really made it even better. 


  1. I know the weather makes a big difference. Plymouth's Food Festival used to be in August but someone was telling me that it was moving to June. Never sure if that is a great idea round here - June can be a bit windy up your skirt

  2. We are basking in sunny sun here-typical exam weather really! Poor Mattman is discovering the meaning of the phrase! No nice market wandering for any of us until exams will be over- and no doubt the sun will have disappeared too.


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