Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Made In May

This month's craft output seems to be determined by the events and groups I was involved with, and family and friends. There was all that origami I did for the WWDP conference at the start of the month [and then made more models, to take to the Committee] I did a demonstration of the Dorset buttons for the Coffee and Craft Morning, and brought home 'armless jumpers' from that meeting to add the sleeves. 
Lots of upcoming birthdays meant a card-making session on the die-cut machine. 
Then I have done a lot of dressmaking repairs and alterations, like my 'french-style' tee-shirt, made from the dress which Marion gave me.
As well as that I altered a dress and skirt for Steph, shortened two pairs of trousers for one friend [and one pair for myself and mended a cardi for another. 
Considering how much time I spent away with WWDP, and with family, i don't thinkI have done too badly! 
I am hoping to spend June on one specific craft project which will take time and planning - but I somehow suspect other things will take a higher priority as the month goes on...


  1. Ang, you make me feel guilty. My output is nil.

    1. But I suspect that your garden has a far greater output than mine!

  2. In haste, in passing, in awe, thought you would like this.

  3. The Beaker Folk blog is often very funny. We too have occasionally been conscious of the long shadow cast by previous incumbents in some churches. Praying for the new guy about to go to our last place, that he will settle quickly among the good people there.


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