Sunday, 21 August 2016

Rosie's Holiday

We had a lovely evening BBQ in Adrian and Marion's garden. Rosie enjoys playing with the toys on her chair - and looks to see if you have noticed
Liz and I took Rosie for a swim at Dereham Leisure Centre. The Family Changing Cubicles are excellent. I love the safety seat, where Mum can strap the baby in, while she gets herself changed. Rosie wasn't quite sure, I think she was aware of the fact she was halfway up the wall!

I love this teeshirt which reads "Apple of Daddy's eye" That's a bible phrase "Keep me as the apple of your eye" [Psalm 17;8] - meaning "Keep me as someone very precious to you" Some scholars think it can also be translated 'keep me as the little daughter of your eye' - when a child looks into her Dad's eyes, she sees a tiny reflection of herself there.

Rosie is certainly very precious to her Dad and Mum - and to the rest of us. It was a real privilege to be able to spend our holiday time together, watching her growing and responding - and smiling and giggling.


  1. Im so glad you could spend that time together. It is so fleeting and precious.Xx

  2. Rosie is precious; may she grow into a girl, then a woman, after God's own heart.

  3. She's looking such a snuggly huggly gorgeous baby.
    What a clever idea the seat thing is for mums and babies getting ready to swim

  4. Beautiful memories to treasure.

  5. Rosie is precious! She looks like a doll!

  6. She is a beautiful baby!


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