Saturday, 10 August 2013

Before And After

I did it! I finished Wolf Hall last night. But I stayed in bed dozing till 9 this morning, when Bob called me down to a splendid ‘full English’. Then I pottered round all day tidying up. Look at the before pictures.

Steph’s bedroom full of clutter, the dining room’s swamped with crafts, the lounge with ironing. The kitchen a total disaster area- and the running machine is buried under Space Academy Crafts. If you click on the pictures you will be able to see full horror of it all.

august 2013 tidyup2

But now, you can eat in the dining room or the kitchen [I was getting tired of the CK type spots, so I put a sunny yellow cloth on instead] Steph’s bed clear again, ready for visitors. All the seats in the lounge can be sat upon, and should anybody want to go for a run, they can. I don’t – I just want to collapse in front of the TV for a bit.

august 2013 tidyup2-001

I am feeling extremely pleased with all that has been achieved today – all the leftover craft materials have been neatly packed up and stored in the loft, almost all the packing has been done for tomorrow. I have even taken down the bunting from the back garden. I will confess to the fact that there is still a basket of ironing yet to be dealt with, but nothing that’s needed for the holiday [so it may be ignored till I return] All food has been sorted and fridge defrosted and cleared out.

Bob has actually got the garage clear enough to put his car away – I cannot remember the last time that happened, it has been full of boxes for Holiday Club since June. I think we need a holiday now!


  1. Wow, what a transformation! That's quite an accomplishment.

  2. Wow! Now you are really ready for REST! Well done!

  3. You need a holiday? I'll make up the spare bed.
    Jane x

  4. You're a marvel, you are. Well done. My place looks more like your 'before' pics - I've been decorating....and asking myself why on earth I started in the first place. Hey Ho. Back to work tomorrow after my hols so best get a move on!Have a lovely break.x

  5. I love taking before and after shots. They make you see every inch of your achievements when blitzing.

    x x x

  6. Replies
    1. I am not sure that 2 night's sleep there [well, only 1½ if you remember that thunderstorm] qualifies you to assert ownership rights!!

  7. You must be exhausted! Now off you go and have a real holiday rest.

  8. I work out of my home, and it seems my house always looks like your before pics. Your after pics look wonderful. They've inspired me to tidy up a bit :)

  9. Wow! That really deserves a round of applause for achieving all of that, no wonder you dozed 'til 9am. Well done! :)


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