Sunday, 4 August 2013

Such A Time As This

Bob has been preaching through the book of Esther. It is a great story – but unusual among the Bible books in that nowhere does it explicitly mention the name of God. And yet, throughout the narrative God’s hand is clearly at work – He IS there, you just have to look for him. “This” declared Bob at the beginning of the sermon series “Is probably the origins of all those ‘Where’s Wally?’ books!”

And last week , I saw this in Waterstones


And right beside the cardboard character was this display


I have no problem answering that question – in my case, clearly, The Bible is The Book That Made Me.

One of my favourite verses in the book of Esther is ch4 v14

And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?

[You can always listen to Bob’s sermons on the KMFC website – other sermons may be available!]


  1. I LOVE Esther and preached recently using it twice. I like the imagery of Esther "inside the gate" having to do something for her fellow Jews who are "outside the gate" and really used that imagery in the sermons to get the congregations to think about their responsibilities towards marginalised people. Esther 14.14 is the verse that holds the whole book's meaning for me, and is the story of God's hand in our lives here today, for me.

    1. Great point about inside/outside the gate there! [that 14;14 is a typo isn't it?!]

  2. I still shudder when I see 'Kids' books'. Our language is being diluted. (I sound like 'Annoyed from Tunbridge Wells', don't I!!)

    1. I agree about the dilution of language. Maybe they think that children aged 10 or 11 resent being called 'children' and it is a marketing device?

  3. Yes - sorry about the typo. Came back to listen to the song tonight - great music. Thanks for sharing that xx


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