Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Triangulation Station

This time last year I mentioned in a post that I had seen a craft idea using souvenir tea-towels, but that the supply of them in my local charity shops seemed to have dried up. Some very kind people sent me some – and now I can reveal what I have been doing…

IMG_0207 First take a Boden catalogue [it is the ideal size for this] and cut triangles, from the top two corners of the page down to the bottom centre. Like this – till you have a large stack of triangle templates.

Now arrange them on your tea towel [you need to play around to find the best alignment of triangles with the pattern] I tried these…  IMG_0209 IMG_0210








But in the end I decided against the horizontal and vertical and went for a slanted layout.


I cut these out, and then cut out a similar number of triangles from some pretty blue printed fabric which has been in my stash for ages. You don’t need much – just another piece the same size as the tea towel.

Then I sewed them in pairs, and attached them to a 6 metre length of pale pink corset ribbon.

[I was given a huge reel of it years ago, by someone who had formerly worked in the Leicester clothing industry, employed by Symington’s corsets!]  And now I have some lovely holiday bunting to hang at Cornerstones.

IMG_0400This may be Norfolk, but my bunting reminds me of happy holidays in the South West, and of my good blogfriends in that part of the country.

Here it is outside – front and back views


This is not the final place where I plan to hang it – I just draped it from the gate to the garage door to get a photo!



I think it is so pretty fluttering in the breeze. Thank you all who sent tea towels last year. More bunting is planned!IMG_0401


  1. That bunting looks really good

  2. What a fantastic idea!! - think I'm going to nab this one - can I add a link from my blog to yours? FM x

    1. Of course you can - after all, Cornwall is your neck of the woods, isn't it?!

  3. Oh gorgeous. I do like a nice bit of bunting! Also an excellent use for Boden catalogues. That's about the only constructive thing I've heard of for them, apart from actually ordering anything, perish the thought!!

  4. I have often wondered what happened to the tea towels! The bunting looks so pretty, good idea.

  5. I love bunting so much--I really must make it a part of my life!

    Thank you so much for your prayers for my family, Angela. I can't tell you how much they mean to me.


    1. When good friends are separated by the miles then the one thing we CAN do is pray for each other. May God comfort, strengthen and bless you and the family right now. xx

  6. Sorry to be pedantic but please can you explain more about how this works. How do you attach the paper patterns to the material for cutting out? Doesn't the material fray? Surely the triangles are different shapes with the middle ones having two sloping sides and the edge ones having one sloping side and one straight one? I'm a sewing novice as you can tell.


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