Thursday 19 February 2009

And So To Bed...

lesleys quilt

Isn't this absolutely beautiful ? It is Lesley's finished Red Quilt [see this post for more details] It is now on her daughter Emily's bed, and E & L kindly said I could publish a photo on the blog.

This has really inspired me, so as I have been undergoing The Great Loft Sort this week, I have thrown all the bits of BLUE fabric into a separate bag. Not exactly sure when I shall get the quilt blocks pressed and cut and sorted and sewn - but hey-ho, well begun is half done and all that!

Here is a picture of MY bed yesterday evening...


I think I have adequate raw materials for this project anyway.

It was Lesley's Birthday yesterday - many happy returns, dear friend!

I should point out that L's quilt is HAND-SEWN - even more impressive! It has taken her a year to complete [during which time she has also produced angel costumes, teddy bears, a nativity set, cardigans and more] Mine is definitely going to be done with the assistance of a machine. Target completion date will be Valentine's Day 2010 [there, I have published a date, so I must get it done now]


  1. Gorgeous quilt & I'm sure yours will be just as beautiful!!! Marie x

  2. Just catching up on reading all the blog entries! The quilt looks wonderful - great job!! Your blue one will look fantastic too I'm sure.

    I'd love to be the church secretary!

  3. Karin- Thanks for the offer- but Canada is a bit far away!!


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