Monday 2 February 2009

We're Walking In The Air...

The family next door have built a tremendous snowman. Bob helped lift the head on, and I contributed a carrot and two lumps of barbecue charcoal for the facial features [I like looking at snow, but not so keen on the physical effort of building with it!] The snow continues to fall, and I have decided to stay in the warm and not go to Knitting Group tonight.


Stage one - Freddie by basic snowman

Stage two - the family with complete, dressed "Frosty"


If it is going to snow, then I think we should make the most of it and build lots of snowmen. I am a little surprised by the number of schools in Leicester which closed today, though. I don't remember schools closing quite so easily in the winters of my youth [and I was at school in the winter of 62-63 which they were citing on the Radio today as even worse than 1991]


  1. Great snowman!

    Ah the winter of 1962/63 - the one I was born into which explains my love of snow! I have recollections of walking to school in wellies through snow that was more than knee deep ~1969/70. Once we were there we put on our plimsolls and got on with it. Playtime saw superb snowball fights and the head shouting at boys for making 'slides' in the playground. We then thawed out our milk (in glass bottles) on the big Victorian radiators and our soggy mittens steamed gently through lessons. Happy days!

    Of course the irony now is reception/4+ have to go out in snow and KS1/2 are not allowed to... Daft or what?

  2. It's going to snow here tonight and tomorrow. I wonder if we are going to have school? I bet they call me at 5 am this time! LOL!

  3. Hi Angela,
    I wanted to say thank you for those bible verses, God sent what I needed from the other side of the world, isn't he great.
    I am enjoying reading your blog. I have never seen snow so I am enjoying the snow photos.

  4. What a cute snowman! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures. Try to stay warm with all the snow!

  5. That's a superb snowman! The girls' school wasn't closed yesterday and I wondered why my 5 year old went out to play in the snow but my year 6 girl wasn't allowed to. Thanks to Catriona for explaining that.

  6. Fun!! My son and DIL live in London - it's not much snow for a Canadian boy but he's enjoying it!


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