Tuesday 17 February 2009

Just What I Knead!

Tell me where is Fancy bred, brioche flour

Or in the heart or in the head!

How begot, how nourished?

Thus sings Portia in the Merchant of Venice. I decided we needed to be nourished by some fancy bread, so I made a brioche loaf this afternoon. I'd bought a bag of brioche flour in a French Supermarket last year, and thought it really should be used up.


I don't think I got the proportions of dough quite right, to get the traditional ball shape on the top, but it doesn't look too bad.

Brioche dough is enriched with egg - and this flour has dried egg in it. It took me a while to translate the instructions on the back of the bag though!

I needed a break from other housework - it's been a busy half-term thus far. I have started on Tidying The Loft. This is a task I have been avoiding for months [no, years!!] and because lots of other blogs I read recently have had people's tales of organising their cupboards etc, I thought I ought to get on and do it. Photos will follow later!

Five bin bags of rubbish in the wheelie bin, a whole suitcase of stuff for the charity shop, and a trip to the Council Tip - and it still doesn't look much clearer up there! I've also taken the dog for his annual injections. The Vet is pleased with Charlie- he says his heart and lungs are sound, and it is only the arthritis in his hips which is causing problems. I also managed to fit in a haircut, and I went to knitting group last night. Two more newcomers!


As they say on the adverts...        Du pain, du vin, du Boursin!

[well, actually, it is Sainsbury's Soft Cheese, but never mind]

One thing in India Knight's Thrift book, with which I DO agree, is that many [not all]of the supermarket 'basic' ranges are as good as their more expensive counterparts. What she did NOT say is that you have to be very careful when you grab a can from the shelf. If you are not concentrating, you can easily empty a can of TOMATO SOUP into your casserole, instead of a can of CHOPPED TOMATOES!!  I know this, because I have just done it...  soup basic  tomatoes basic








It could have been worse 

basic peaches

basic rice pud

I have peach slices and rice pudding on the shelf too! Those labels may look like different shades of orange here - but they all look the same on the shelf.  Fortunately I do keep savoury stuff on side, and sweet on the other, but the potential for disaster is there nonetheless!

Anyway the casserole is simmering away, Bob is in [yet another] meeting, and I need to go and prepare Housegroup.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I commented back to what you said, but realized you may not check back so I am posting it here as well:
    I know, the computer is definitley cheating, but if I didn't use it, I'd never meet all the wonderful people I have so far! And I think my not sharing it with others would make it not seem as special for me. Though I do not drive a vintage car (though I am considering it believe me!)I do everything else pertinent to 1955 america. I am finding that in other countries at this time dishwashers, washing machines and maids were not as common. I suppose we really became the spoiled country we are today from the 1950s! I think the postwar prodcution of our factories just kicked into consumerism, and we had no bombed cities to rebuild (except, of course, Pearl Harbor which wasn't even the usa yet!)
    I would LOVE any recipes from 1955 or earlier from the uk. I have always love the uk and I first heard of Margeurite Patten when I saw the uk show 1940s house. Really that show and Manor House (which I think was called Edwardian Country House in your contry) and such historical reality shows really made me want to try this experiment. I would never want to have to live it out on tv, though, that is for certain. I think the world can do without seeing my in my curliers and scarf, dirty dungarees and rubber gloves with oven grease on my face!
    YOu can email me any recipes, and actually a few people have started writing to me snail mail. I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to get an actual letter in the mail from someone. I like that now I have to set aside time in the afternoon at my desk in my little study with a pot of tea and my correspondence. It is a lovely realaxing reflective time. It has been ages since I have written with a pen and I am using my grandfathers old fountain pen, so it is rather special.
    I will check out those books, were they fiction?
    Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Re: packaging. I recall when Kwik Save started this approach a friend of mine had a carton of orange juice and a carton of fabric conditioner that looked identical until you carefully studied the printing!

  3. While I wouldn't want peaches in my casserole, I have to say, I really like those cans! Very nice design!


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