Tuesday 24 February 2009

To sleep, perchance to dream...

js sleep aid Having had a run of nights when, for some reason, I didn't sleep too well, I decided that when I went to the supermarket this morning I would get some Nytol [or the equivalent Sainsbury's own brand, which is half the price] I expected it to be in that section of their pharmacy where they have all the vitamins etc - I noticed a fortnight or so ago that everything has been repackaged - and I firmly expected that along with the ones labelled "Ooomph!" and "Revive!" they would have one called "Zzzzz...."

Unable to find what I wanted, I asked an assistant- who confidently led me to the shelf labelled 'FAMILY PLANNING'!!  I kid you not - there among the other...er... products, were all the 'sleep aids'. This is a method of limiting the family I hadn't thought of before - you obviously slip a couple of Nytol into your husband's cocoa, and that's that problem dealt with!

I drove home, still chuckling to myself about this, and came up behind a van stopped at the lights. I admit I was not quite 100% on form, but for the remainder of my journey, I was trying to work out what "tomation" was, and how it applied to cakes. Painted across the back doors of the vehicle, it proclaimed "GATEAU  TOMATION" 

What is tomation? cupcakeIs it related to tomatoes? Is this some new fancy term for presentation of fairy cakes in a pyramid? [...At the reception, the bridal party enjoyed a gateau tomation which was three feet high and festooned with sugar roses...]

The van went straight on, and I turned right to the village, and the light suddenly dawned! This van belonged to a firm providing security stuff for outbuildings etc. The other words painted across the back [split neatly down the middle where the two doors met] said "GARAGE  - SECURITY" and "UP&OVER  - DOORS" and the first line should have read "GATE  - AUTOMATION" but it had been spaced badly!


  1. Angela - you are a scream :)

  2. I was just thinking how funny (?) it would have been if some of the kids' parents from your class and/or some ladies from your church saw you in the Family Planning section with you saying "But I just need a good night's sleep - honestly - I'm only looking for the Nytol" !!!!!

  3. Now you've got me worried! Do you think I should wear a disguise before I go to Sainsbury's in case I am spotted?

  4. I still hear "Hello Mrs Clere" sort of drawled out on many Sainsbury's shops and its years since I taught locally! I am really good at hiding stuff beneath loaves of bread lol!!

  5. Angela, beware, lots of Baptist ministers frequent your local Sainsbury's!

  6. Here I was at 5:30 a.m. reading this and laughing out loud! Too funny!

    I couldn't post my comment though because the word verification was loading.... and never did load a word. Now I'm trying again.


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