Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Positive Equity!

tom graham Bob was a little put out to read a bit in the paper today about "The Archers" which referred to tonight's episode featuring 'good-looking Tom Archer' "How do we KNOW he is good looking? It is a RADIO programme" expostulated Bob.

So here is a picture of Tom Graham, the actor who plays TA. You can decide if he is good looking or not! He is a clever chap, he has a degree in Psychology from Manchester - and his father is a gifted photographer, and friend of Jon's family in Nottinghamshire. Mr G took some splendid pictures of Liz & Jon at a family wedding.

Last night we watched the final part of 'Whitechapel' - it was a little disappointing. The Jack the Ripper story is intriguing. Who was he?

It starred Rupert Penry Jones [as in 'Spooks' and '39 steps']rupert penry jones

He is the brother of Laurence Penry Jones, who was in the Bill, and Midsomer Murders




laurence penry jones


And L&P are the sons of Edward P-J [Colditz, Poirot and other stuff]


angela thorne EPJ is their father, and their mother is Angela Thorne [To The Manor Born, Anyone for Denis etc]

And of course RPJ is married to Dervla Kirwan - and she is not just an actress [Ballykissangel et al] she is also the voice of those M&S adervla kirwandverts.

Whilst she was filming Ballykissangel, DK was briefly engaged to another actor, Stephen Tompkinson.

Perhaps actors work such peculiar hours that the only people they meet up with are other astephen tompkinsonctors!

I don't think we have any actors in our family - just an alarming number of preachers and teachers.


  1. Oh, was I happy to read this post. Amazing connections. I love, love, love Angela Thorne's character in To the Manor Born. I love her clothes, and her personality. Rupert was also in Cambridge Spies, wasn't he? Wow, and he is married to Dervla?! Great to read all this.

  2. Preachers and teachers are a good thing! My oldest daughter and her husband are teachers. I like Rupert Penry-Jones. I have seen him in
    Spooks, or here it is MI-5. He's also in the newest version of Persuasion as Captain Wentworth (my favorite JA book, and movie).


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