Sunday, 8 February 2009

Smile at the Storm!

Second Sunday in the month, so another Family Service today.Bob worked incredibly hard yesterday producing a wonderful visual aid - then discovered part of it was too big to go in the car, so he had to walk to church carrying it!IM003213

We were looking at the storm on the lake and the disciples' response.

Early on in the service, some of the children/YP came out with me to make a collage representing "When I'm afraid I..."

I asked the children what they did when they were afraid,and they came up with answers, which we wrpainting sponge sticksote out in bubble writing, then did some cartoons of the answers. They suggested...

Hide, run away, want a hug, call Mum, go quiet, pray

For speed, and lack of mess,we painted them with some "Color & Co Magic Sticks" which I found in John Lewis. They are sponge sticks with solid blocks of colour inside, which are activated by dipping in water. These were easy and effective,although some of the colours were fairly pale [I think some children forgot to blot off excess water] However the result looks good and the kids were very proud of their efforts.


We took it back in, and explained it to the congregation

IM003215 Also in the service, Sarah and Ryan did Bible Readings, and Sarah shared the animated Bible Story [Jesus in the Temple] which she had presented at Kirby Fried last Sunday.

Bob's Visual Aid was most impressive [more details of the elaborate engineering and theology on his blog!]IM003220

And of course we had to sing "With Jesus in the boat we can smile at the Storm". Hands up if you remember the old days, when it was "Christ in the Vessel"!!

Andy and Steve [veterans of United Beach Missions] came out to help with the actions/missing out of words [cool new glasses, Steve!]


Today is Autism and Asperger's Day of Prayer, Education Sunday, and also [appropriately, considering the story] Sea Sunday.

autismsunday So all of those things were mentioned in our Prayers of Intercession.

In our fellowship, we have a number of families affecting by A&A and lots of teachers/education workers too. However Leicestershire is a long,long way from the sea!]

This afternoon, one of the mums rang to tell us her child was going to play with the boy-next-door. "I'll walk round with you" said his Dad. "I'm not afraid, Daddy - Jesus is with me" came the rapid response. Would that everybody in the congregation took in the message of the sermon that well!!!

And now it is snowing again...


  1. 'Jesus is with me'. Beautiful.

    Lol I was just loading your blog when your comment popped up. I think I'll still avoid writing, "eh up, chuck", even with the comma; don't want that confusion again! ;)

  2. The little boy's comment was really sweet Angela! Bob's visual aid looks pretty cool, was a Blue Peter presenter in a former life?

    I taught a lot of A&A kids in my pre-motherhood days, I often think about how they're getting on, I shall pray for them this week.

  3. Definately a 'heres one I made earlier' moment for Bob, it looks really good though :)

    Your church always looks so much fun! I'm sure you and Bob have a lot to do with that, so well done both of you :)

  4. I love how much you all involve the kids in your services.

    "Hide, runaway"--my response when I get scared, too! After a few minutes, I remember the "pray" part. And call Mum. That's a good one, too.



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