Sunday, 1 February 2009

Roast Pork and Cold Weather!

jamie oliver & piglet Another busy Sunday - helping with Kirby Fried Church this morning [our monthly 'youth church' thing] and then this evening Bob went off to our church and I went to the next village [in the snow] to take the service at the chapel there. I love going to Desford to preach - the congregation, although small, are always so receptive and there is always such a good atmosphere in worship.

Home by 7.30pm [that's one advantage of a 6pm service] so I watched a Jamie Oliver programme about cooking with eggs - and then we watched "Jamie Saves our Bacon" which I'd taped earlier in the week.

I appreciate his passion and enthusiasm [read Bob's excellent post here about Jamie's Ministry of Food and evangelism] and his commitment to improving life for pigs and pig farmers. I believe we have a responsibility to be good stewards of Creation, and to care for God's creatures.

I try to support compassion in farming, happy chickens, and contented pigs. To that end, I attempt to buy my meat and eggs from supermarkets that follow the same principles. Certain supermarkets were conspicuously absent from Jamie's programme!

snowball fight It has been snowing on and off since midday here. Marion emailed this afternoon and said they had snow flurries in Norfolk. Liz texted this evening to say there was a wonderful snowball fight going on, in the street where she lives in Elephant and Castle.

The Met Office has issued extreme weather warnings. We will have to wrap up warm tomorrow.  As my grandmother would say "Winter Drawers On"


  1. I was UP IN ARMS about the treatment of pigs abroad and that we allow such meat suppliers to sell in this country. Lol, the first letter I ever wrote to the government as a budding activist (I never flowered) was to our MP about a Pig Husbandry Bill. :)

  2. I love watching Jamie Oliver's show! What a delight - with his quirky lisp and all. I should check out some of his recipes for my own cooking.

  3. Angela! Thank you for stopping by The Glen!
    I will be back to read a few more posts when the kids are off to classes.

    I am also a Jamie Oliver fan but do not catch him on the television often!

  4. 1. Am sad that I can't watch Victorian Farm or Jamie Oliver. I am seriously thinking about relocating to the UK.

    2. I think if people knew how most of the meat they ate was produced, they'd become vegetarians. I buy free range/family farmed/humanely raised meat as much as I can. I've gotten to the point where I literally and figuratively can't stomach the rest.

    Have fun with the snow. We're supposed to get flurries here tomorrow, which means we'll either get a blizzard or it will be 60 degrees. The weatherman never gets it right ...


  5. It's interesting to hear about the different programming you have.
    Sounds like winter is here to stay for a while longer. Take care and bundle up!


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