Saturday, 7 February 2009

Every Little Helps!

 fonebank1 A few months ago,I foolishly put my phone in the back pocket of my trousers and went off to do some housework. Whilst in the bathroom, I turned round rather quickly and the phone shot out and baptised itself in the loo![Is this a sign I should do less housework??]

The memory card etc was ok, but the screen was severely water damaged.It was only a cheap pay-as-you-go Nokia, and I replaced it promptly at the Carphone Warehouse. All the discounts/up front credit/etc meant it cost less than a tenner to get a new one. The old one has been sitting on a shelf ever since. I read about one company which recycles old phones, and will pay for them - but they only accept working ones. Then I found FoneBanker [] which appears to take mobiles in any condition.

I typed in my model number, and the website told me the value of my phone working/non-working. I popped it in a jiffybag to the Freepost address - and today got a cheque for £4. All very quick and easy. If you use them, could you put "Rra9SY" in the "recommendations" box, please? Then if they send me £3 for suggesting you, I promise to pass that on to charity!






  1. There was a piece on National Public Radio a couple months back about the apparently very common problem of cell phones ending up in the toilet. Who knew?

    And, yes, I believe your phone popping into the mighty Jordan of the Loo is a sign that you are doing too much housework and should stop immediately and have a cup of tea.


  2. The man in Carphone Warehouse said statistics show that about 50% of phones die from drowning.
    I was going to leave the PC and do some ironing,but your comment has reminded me to put the kettle on first!!


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