Sunday, 22 February 2009

Praise Him!

Angels holy, high and lowly,
Sing the praises of the Lord!
Earth and sky, all living nature,
Man the stamp of thy Creator,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Sun and moon bright, night and moonlight,
Starry temples azure-floored,
Cloud and rain, and wild winds’ madness,
Sons of God that shout for gladness,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

 night sky
Ocean hoary, tell His glory,
Cliffs, where tumbling seas have roared,
Pulse of waters, blithely beating,
Wave advancing, wave retreating,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

cliffs skye
Rock and highland, wood and island,
Crag where eagle’s pride hath soared;
Mighty mountains, purple breasted,
Peaks cloud-cleaving, snowy crested,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

 eagle mountain
Rolling river, praise Him ever,
From the mountain’s deep vein poured;
Silver fountain, clearly gushing,
Troubled torrent, madly rushing,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Praise Him ever, bounteous Giver!
Praise Him, Father, Friend and Lord!
Each glad soul its free course winging,
Each blithe voice its free song singing,
Praise the great and mighty Lord!


This hymn was translated by John Blackie and included in 1845 in Horatius Bonar's Hymnal. We sang it this morning - I just love the imagery - and the way the words fit the tune - Windermere - so well [especially the wave advancing, wave can almost hear the water rushing across the shingle!]

As it is half term, many of our musicians are away, so it's all trad hymns with the organ today. I'm not complaining - there are some real gems lurking between the green covers of the Baptist Hymn Book!

Steph rang earlier to say she was safely Back In Blighty - having spent the week at a friend's wedding in Dubai. When I was her age, a trip to Bexhill-on-Sea was exciting.

Thank you Lord, for keeping my little girl safe.


  1. Bexhill-on-Sea and exciting in the same sentence? Hmm! My recollections of B-on-S are of Lake House in December and having to feed 5p's (shillings) into the electricity meter in a vague attempt for Room 4's occupants to keep warm! It was fun for a 16-year-old from darkest Northampton, but 'exciting'....

  2. Ah but Catriona, sadly you were at the Girls' Brigade [Lake House] which was all female - if you were at the Baptist Summer School [Ancaster House], it was mixed, and you had the opportunity to meet Christian Blokes from all over the country - which was truly exciting for a 16-year old from Flattest Norfolk!

  3. AH, that's where I went wrong!

    Blokes? I can't quite see Miss Leake, Miss Cosser or Miss Rowland (notice a pattern there?!) having approved of that!!! Happy days!

  4. So glad your daughter is back safe!

    The hymn is beautiful.

  5. Bexhill on Sea would still excite me :)


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