Tuesday, 3 February 2009

In The Bleak Midwinter


I cleared the snow off my car and drove to Sainsbury's to get some groceries this morning. The car park was almost empty - a highly unusual situation on a day when the shop is open. We have not had any more snow for the last few hours, but even more schools are closed today [including the one in the village, which was open yesterday, and the school where I am due to be teaching tomorrow] Staff said it was even quieter in the shop yesterday. I hoped that meant there might be a few bargains in the 'fresh' section, but couldn't find any. However I did get some laundry tablets half price. I was quite taken with "Almond - Milk & Honey"...somehow strangely biblical,and with my name on them!

ariel milk and honey Sainsbury's have repackaged all their vitamins and mineral supplements- and now they have titles with exclamations marks. I found this quite amusing - you can choose between an amazing selection

I noted on the shelves that they now stock the following...

balance! defend! digest! joints! heart & mind! revive! bend & flex! and oomph!

"I'm just popping down to Sainsbury's, dear, to pick up a few joints! for the weekend"

"I can't find my heart&mind! anywhere, I've looked all over the kitchen"

"I definitely need some more oomph!"

The other day, Liz sent me a whole load of wonderfully nerdy jokes for mathematicians. I do not want to bore you if you hate maths - but here are just two which amused me

F(x)= sin(x) walks into a restaurant and orders some soup. The waiter replies, "Sorry but we don't cater for functions here."

An infinite number of mathematicians go into a bar. One asks for a pint of beer, the next asks for a half. The third asks for a quarter of a pint, and the fourth asks for an eighth of a pint....The barman pours two pints and says "Just sort it out among yourselves".

Going to the Ladies Fellowship now - hoping that the weather has not put off too many of our regulars.

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