Thursday, 5 February 2009

Let it snow...

We had a snow day today- so at 6.38am I got a phone call from a colleague telling me school was shut. The five minutes later another friend called, in case I'd been overlooked because I am a mere Supply Teacher. So that meant I was free to go to Thursday Coffee Drop In at the Church,and then to a local Care Home with Bob for a Communion Service. "See, I take you out for a morning of drinking and singing - don't say I don't know how to show a girl a good time!" he said.

bradgate in the snow

The BBC Leicester website has some great pictures of snowy scenes. This one is Bradgate House - the childhood home of Lady Jane Grey. It snowed again this afternoon but seems cold and clear now. Unfortunately we have had to cancel our Ladies Group,as the speaker cannot get here. I shall go down to the church [once "The Archers" has finished!] just in case anybody turns up.

Caroline_Petrie  You may have heard about Caroline Petrie, the nurse who has been suspended [without pay] from her job, because she offered to pray for a patient. I would ask you to pray for Caroline- you can read more details on Nigel Coles' blog. Nigel is one of our Baptist Regional Ministers, and a good friend from College Days. Bob has also blogged about this too- so I don't think I need to add any more to their wise words.

hg logo Now I must put on my trusty  Hein Gericke biker boots and toddle off up the hill...

As Captain Oates said "I am just going out gentlemen, I may be some time..."



They certainly keep my feet incredibly toasty warm even if they are not the most glamorous footwear on the planet!


  1. The snow looks beautiful, but I know from experience that it can make getting around rather difficult. I think your boots are perfect.
    I will pray for that young nurse. It is hard to imagine.

  2. Welcome to the world of bovver-Baptists who simply boot up and get on with it. ;-)

  3. I'd not heard about that poor nurse. How sad. I will certainly pray.

    We're enjoying the snow too!


  4. I saw on the news this morning that Caroline is getting back to work Praise God! Marie x

  5. Yes, Caroline is back at work -more details in Bob's blog [Pastor Bob's Musings]
    Still cold and snowy here -hoping it clears soon!

  6. I love Bob's comment about taking you out for a morning of drinking and song! He's quite the man you have there!

    Hope you're enjoying the snow. We've had cold weather the last couple of weeks, but tomorrow it's supposed to be 65 degrees farenheit. Can't wait!



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