Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancakes for Playgrounds

Last summer, our young friends Tom and Alex Gill went out and built a playground in East Africa. This evening, their Mum, Sue, hosted a fundraiser Pancake Party, in aid of this year's effort. Great pancakes, Sue!

Here's the video they made last year, showing Christian love translated into practical action.


  1. Hurrah for pancakes! We made a few yesterday.

    I'll pop back later to watch the video.

    Angela I just wanted to say thanks for your lovely comment the other day (on my post about hubs looking for jobs around the world), I felt really touched by your prayers and your words. So thanks again!

  2. Yey! my comment worked...lol!!

  3. Brilliant! Action, thats what I like to see!

    Very good. Though I could say that anything with pancakes involved is good... yum.


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