Wednesday 11 February 2009

Pyjama Party

The girls at Sewing Club wanted to make garments. We decided that first they should learn techniques [zips, buttonholes, casings for elastic etc] and that after that, make something which would NOT be seen in public! After all, they have to spend money on the fabric [or at least, their Mums do] and we didn't want them to waste time and effort on unworn items. So we have decided to make pyjamas. At least, we will make shorts, and then applique something on a pre-made vest to make a 'set'.

I found a good [free] pattern on the Internet last week. I was going to post a link - but it appears to have been removed  just in the last few days!! I photocopied it, and the girls turned up tonight with an assortment of fabrics - here they are pinning and tacking...



They did the thing that everybody seems to do when they make their first pair of trousers - first they put them together 'upside down' not realising the curved seam is the bit that goes round the body - and then they find it hard to accept you need that much fabric! Susan and I explained about hems and seam allowances and stuff - but I am not sure they will believe it till the things are finished!

IM003223 Bethany missed last week,so spent this week finishing off her sponge bag.

This was a really cute design, dreamed up by Susan, who had some green gingham in her stash! The girls tell me that if you pull up the drawstring, "You can make the fishes kiss!"

Tomorrow I have a Connexion meeting here, which has been advertised as a "Coffee and Cake" event. Not sure how many will turn up,as usual - but I have made some muffins from a recipe on the Nutella Day site. They have come out generously sized. As suggested, I used an icecream scoop which did make exactly 12 muffins - next time, I'll use fairycake cases and make them smaller!


nutella muffins

140g butter, softened
3/4 cup white sugar
3 eggs
½ tsp vanilla
200 g sifted plain flour
¼ tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
12tsp Nutella

Preheat oven to 160˚C. Line 12 muffin tins with paper liners.
Cream together butter and sugar until light, 2 minutes. Add in eggs one at a time, until fully incorporated. Don’t worry if the batter doesn’t look smooth. Add vanilla. Stir in flour, salt and baking powder until batter is uniform and no flour remains.
Using an ice cream scoop, fill each muffin liner with batter. [They should be 3/4 full, if you’re not using a scoop]. Top each cake with 1tsp Nutella.

Swirl Nutella in with a toothpick, making sure to fold a bit of batter up over the Nutella.
Bake for 20 minutes.
Remove to a wire rack to cool completely.
Makes 12.


  1. Hi Ang - is sewing club part of school or church?
    I could do with coming - lol - I have decided this year to try making some pyjama trousers :)

  2. Mmm, they do look yummy. Though I must confess I have never eaten nutella... perhaps its time to try.

  3. I'm sure the girls are going to enjoy that project. I remember my days in Home Ec. classes. I had such fun. Our sewing project was a gathered skirt! I'm not sure I ever wore my in public, but it was fun!

  4. Well, I know what I'll be doing with the kiddos at half term...making Nutella cupcakes. I hope, in desperation, that they're calorie free.

    Is your sewing club a school thing, a church thing or a village thing?

  5. Bob and I felt we should each sample a cake last night, tocheck they were OK before offering them to visitors.They are satisfyingly yummy - but sadly NOT calorie-free!
    The Sewing Club is a church group, which came about because some of the girls [11-14 yrs] didn't want to belong to the livelier "kidZone" Thursday youth club - but DID want to learn to sew. So 3 of us [2 needlewomen and 1 helpful Mum] run the club each Wednesday from 6.15-7.30pm. We usually get six girls- and we have been given 2 secondhand sewing machines and the church has kindly bought us a new one from John Lewis. Often I take mine down as well.
    If the website for the pj pattern re-appears,I will post a link.

  6. You are making it very hard for me to resist buying some Nutella, Angela! When I pack on ten extra Nutella pounds, we'll all know who to blame!



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