Friday, 26 June 2009

All Sewn Up! [for the time being]

After a final session on the machines, I finished all my sewing tasks and put them away and reclaimed the dining room in time for lunch. I began by mending a jumper for a friend [it was black, so no satisfactory pictures there!] then made a bag for my friend's little girl to keep her dressing up clothes in.

DSCF0017 It is really just a glorified pillowcase with handles - not exactly the sewing project of the century. Normally I put drawstrings on a nag like this, but as she is only 3, I decided just handles would be safer.

Having the embroidery machine does make it easy to produce special personalised gifts!

She is only just into role-play and dressing up, so I ran up a quick princess cape as well on the overlocker.

DSCF0018 The hood weas a rectangle 30cm x 75cm, seamed up the back, and the cape itself was a piece of fabric 110cm x 75cm.

I rounded off the bottom corners, gathered it along the top, and sewed the gathered edge to the bottom of the hood. And attached a button

DSCF0019 DSCF0020

Finally I sewed some labels for the play. Last year I made these...


Except this year's play doesn't have railwaymen - just two taxi drivers.

[No I haven't worked out where that fits with Robin Hood either]

So new labels needed


DSCF0021I shall sew these on by hand next week when I am in school. [Mr McG is the Head Teacher at school]

I know I have to sew up some stage curtains for Holiday Club, but that can wait [and may need to be done at the church, where I can spread out the fabric across the floor, there is so much of it!] but for now, the machines are all in their cases and we can eat in a civilised fashion again.


  1. That's quite a machine you ahve!

  2. The embroidery machine IS utterly wonderful, I have so much fun with it!


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