Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cherry Ripe!

I love cherries - I adore cherries - they are such a wonderful fruit!

Fresh ones, straight from the tree, on a stalk with its partner

fresh cherry

Sticky glace cherries, sitting in a pool of tooth-achingly sweet fondant icing atop a Mr Kipling Bakewell

cherry bakewell

Rich Morello cherries, soaked in something interesting, and enrobed in dark, dark chocolate

cherry chocolate

Or nestling in layers of sponge and cream in a gloriously retro Black Forest Gateau


Or a vivid scarlet maraschino cherry, alongside a slice of orange, speared on a cocktail stick, balanced on a glass of something long and cool on a hot summer's day

cocktail cherry

Or just a handful of cherries in the yogurt pot in my packed lunch


Or the divine Cherry Garcia Ice Cream from Ben&Jerrys

B&J cherry garcia

And all of these follow the profusion of blossom on the cherry tree


Other people round here also seem to like these sweet cerise delights. Last week I posted about "Cherry Blossom" - the new gift shop in the centre of our village.

Well, it appears that with some strange synchronicity, another shop has opened, at the far west end of the village, called "Cherry Tree Gifts" I called in this afternoon, to check them out


This shop has much more space - and carries a different range of gift products [which is a good thing]

These include flowers...


Cool Camper Van Flip Flops [in 'manly' brown, or 'girlie' pink!]...


And lots of great 'teacher' gifts [we must be approaching the end of term!]


Lots of cards, and lots of gifts for children, as well as gifts for blokes.

Oh, and they also serve coffee [chairs and tables outside, sofas inside] I was in a bit of a rush this afternoon, but plan to go back when I have more time and sit and sip something.

Hoping both new ventures are successful [and that there is not too much confusion over the cherry-name] I ought to point out that the second shop is situated on Cherry Tree Court hence its name.


  1. When I have lost my weight (or is that if?) I have promised myself a box of Marks and Spencers cherry liqueur chocolates. - yum! Aah well only a ton of weight to go!

  2. You WILL get there, eventually, Lynn !

  3. Cherries abound here at the moment, but the only way I enjoy them is fresh, no liqueur, no glace, nothing, just eaten out of a paper bag!

  4. Aren't cherries beautiful? I like what you said about how they hang with their partners! Cute! It's been so long since I've been to a little gift shop. I'm going to put that on my "to do" list now! I love your posts! And that cute Lynn who commented should have the chocolates now. Thank you for the sunshine filled post!

  5. Oh I looooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve cherries too!


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