Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What's in a Name?

debretts This coming Sunday I am preaching for the first time at another local church. I have just had an email asking me how I want to be announced. Last week they said "Our preacher next week is Bob Almond's wife", but Elisabeth felt that just being labelled "Bob's Wife" wasn't quite right. Her husband suggested "Our Friend Angela" - and that didn't feel right either. I checked out Debrett's online Guide to Forms of Address. That didn't help - they don't even acknowledge the existence of Nonconformist Ministers, let alone their spouses!

Bob and I decided that "Mrs Angela Almond, from Kirby Muxloe Free Church" is probably the most appropriate. Not that it matters much anyway - I am more concerned that our attention is focused not on names but on worship.

Which leads me to another conundrum -  If a Mayor is addressed as "Your Worship" should an Admiral be addressed as "Your Warship"?


  1. Mrs Pastor Bob? :)

    Lol'd at the 'Warship'.

  2. I liked the 'Warship' too... so would a keen gardener be 'your parsnip'...?? just a thought!


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