Monday, 8 June 2009

Anyone who had a Heart...

heart So the GP said we should try and lower our cholesterol and we have therefore been eating and drinking appropriate foods [why do they cost so much more than regular yogurts?]

After 6 months, it has not made any real difference. But I have a great collection of little bottles


We must keep going a bit longer- I need 100 empty bottles like this for Holiday Club! All will be revealed later...


  1. Hmm, turning them into sheep maybe?

  2. Do you only need the ones with tops on, or will the ones with foil tops be OK?

  3. Holiday Club and empty yogurt bottles? It's all very mysterious to me. Can't wait for more to be revealed!


  4. Tops not essential Gwen - if you have a few to spare.
    No Catriona, not sheep
    Wait and see...

  5. I've heard a few complain that cutting out cholesterol and using these type of products made no difference. I wonder if they really do work significantly well?

    Lol I even read one woman who claimed that eating foods cooked in lard actually reduced her cholesterol. Excellent, pig fat is good for your arteries! :)


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