Sunday 7 June 2009

You Probably Voted On Thursday, But...

vote Bob has a very long post today - full of all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. Including the fact that he has generously nominated me for a national blog award. Thanks dear! What neither of us can work out, is how to get any more votes for this. We think 'votes' are counted as the number of nominations. So if you do enjoy this blog, perhaps you'd take a look at this page and nominate 'Tracing Rainbows' in the Best Christian Blog category. Thanks!


  1. Couldn't vote - their website was all muddled up and I couldn't read it. Not your fault, I am sure!

    I posted a long comment on your previous post about not buying!

  2. PS I haven't read your book, so I am not getting at you!!

  3. Thanks for the comments
    It's not just me who is struggling with that site then!


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