Saturday, 27 June 2009

Foot and Mouth Disease

image Lucy has a great post this weekend about thoughtfulness in blogging.

She says "Choosing a public blog is a deliberate decision, and it’s a great medium for interaction of thought. Within this, I want to have the same care with my speech as I would if I was face-to-face with a person, having the same respect and the same wisdom with my words. I want to be honest and I want to aim for transparency in thought and faith – while at the same time retaining a level of sensibility and self-knowledge."

I agree with her sentiments - and as I am rather busy today and do not have time for a carefully considered blogpost, I would encourage you to go and read hers!

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  1. Honesty and transparency,yes...but care and protection also, I think. I am ever amazed at the information and the photos of children that are published. I guess in general they are safe, but one reads of such horrors.


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