Friday, 5 June 2009

Thus Spake the Sheriff, and Forthwith...

Busy all evening, on costumes for Maid Marion and the Sheriff of Nottingham. MM is being played by a very pretty, slightly built child, and my brief was "Something pale and floaty, with a touch of green"

So another set of old curtains from the Great Stash - muslin ones this time. I made a simple shift, using another old Simplicity pattern for the bodice and sleeve shapes.

DSCF0036 The dress is double thickness, for modesty, but the sleeves are single layer. When I first showed Bob, he suggested it looked a bit too 'shift-like' [shifty?] so I added the red sash which has given it a bit more shape. [Is it shift-less now?]

I looked at the piece of green velour leftover from Robin's tunic, and realised with a bit of playing about, I could manage a little hooded cloak.

So MM is sorted now!




It looks a bit shapeless on the hanger. I have every confidence it will look better on the actor!

The Sheriff needs to be opulent and well dressed. He sings a song about being rich and spending money on fancy clothes. This one is still a work in progress. I made a basic robe in Tyrian Purple from some shiny nylon stuff then an over-jerkin from some skirt fabric someone gave me.

I seem to have accumulated a stock of old 'fur' collars trimmed from coats - so sewed that on to the jerkin and put some shiny buttons on.


I think Bob is right, it is close to looking like an old lady's Sunday Coat at the minute [where does he think I got that collar from?] so I need to put some more 'bling' on the outfit. And also make a hat.

Some sort of mayoral chain perhaps? I need to think some more about the embellishments on this one.

But now I am going to bed!


  1. Always busy! I've just caught up with your last half dozen posts! so glad you ahd such a relaxing week at Cornerstones, it is beginning to sound very 'you'.

  2. I am just over come with admiration!! I feel sorry now for my daughter when she was at school and had to have costumes made. But she is a grown up now and has never held it against me!!


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