Saturday, 27 June 2009

So Long, Steve!

DSCF0019 Today was the farewell service for Steve Mantle, one of our East Midlands Regional Ministers, who is off to South Africa to work with the Shine Foundation.

Here he is with his Mum, at the end of the service held at Melton Mowbray [Which describes itself as "UK's Rural Capital of Food" - because of the pork pies and stilton cheese, I suppose]

As with all such events, it was good to catch up with friends and hear everyone's news. As we were not giving a lift to anyone [although there was a good crowd from KMFC in attendance] Bob and I decided to go on the motorbike. It was my first trip on it this year, as it hasn't been out much due to battery problems [finally we gave in and purchased a new battery yesterday!]

DSCF0018 Here's a picture of Bob going off on it this morning. By this afternoon, it was raining, so that meant more waterproof clothing! But it was good fun nonetheless.


Loads of people took part today-  but I couldn't say who they were, because nobody was actually introduced, and there wasn't a printed order of service. Which was a shame really. Who were they all?


This morning, whilst Bob was out, I sorted out some financial admin jobs. Decided that we needed to be much more diligent about spending if we are going to meet our newly acquired mortgage commitments over the summer. So Bob returned to a house festooned with posters!

I love being a Supply Teacher - but unfortunately my regular outgoings have to be met from an irregular income ! Whilst I am confident that the Lord will provide, I am conscious that I must be responsible about money too.

In honour of our visit to MM, we ate a pork pie this evening. Someone told me last year that pork pies can be successfully frozen if you wrap them first in greaseproof, then tin foil, then clingflim. I got this one on offer a couple of weeks ago, and knew we would not be eating it immediately, so I put it in the freezer. It seemed to work OK and tasted fine!

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