Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Cadburys take them...

...and they cover them in chocolate!

In Isaac Watts' hymn 'Marching to Zion' there is a verse

The hill of Zion yields
A thousand sacred sweets
Before we reach the heav’nly fields,
Or walk the golden streets.

Well, today, I certainly enjoyed some unexpected sweets. I was asked to do a day's supply - and discovered that the class were due to go on a school trip to Cadbury World at Bournville.

Wow, it was fabulous!


We learned about Cortes meeting Montezuma, and saw a recreation of Mr Cadbury's first shop


Great technology, with big flat panel monitors, lovely loudspeakers, data projectors etc everywhere [Bob would have enjoyed all that]


We saw lots of little cocoa beans as we rode on the Cadabra Ride



We sat outside in the sunshine to eat our lunch in the shadow of the man behind it all...

DSCF0052 And then played on the adventure playground, and visited the Gift Shop [obligatory on school trips] and found out more about the making of the stuff, and had cups of gooey chocolate to eat.



DSCF0061 Behind these doors were more sticky sweet secrets of the chocolatier's art.

I cannot post any pictures of the children - but they had a great time too. They were incredibly well behaved [unlike the school party behind us] and very polite.

The organisation at Cadbury's World is excellent - whilst it is not cheap to visit, there is loads to see and do, and lots of free samples along the way. The staff there are friendly and knowledgeable - and the restaurant staff were particularly kind at the end of our visit, cheerfully supplying us with cups of cold water for 6 dozen thirsty children.


In the Bournville experience, there were a number of quotes displayed - including this one from George Cadbury...


Much was made of the fact of the Cadbury family being Quakers - and that their Nonconformity prevented them from entering University [and therefore the Law or Medicine] and their Pacifism kept them out of the Army and Navy. So they went into trade. Also, being Quakers, they were teetotal - drinking chocolate was a good alternative to drinking alcohol.

The children were impressed by the way these Christians cared for their workforce at a time when many employers were exploiting the workers - and that they ensured their products were pure [and not adulterated with brick-dust or padded out with starch]


Isn't chocolate a delightful substance! As Isaac Watts wrote

The sorrows of the mind
Be banished from the place;
Religion never was designed
To make our pleasures less.

Thank you to Cadbury's, colleagues, and children for a lovely day. Sometimes being a Supply Teacher is absolutely wonderful! [and yes, I did bring plenty of chocolate back for Bob to enjoy as well]


  1. and did you bring any back for ME to enjoy?!

  2. Steve's grandma worked at Cadbury's. She had a chocolate stash which he loved :)Employees could buy a bag full of choc at huge discount.
    It's not too far from us yet we've never visited.

  3. Why didnt I have supply days like that?! Sounds great.

  4. Looks like a fabulous tour - providing you like chocolate!!

    Me, I'm not a fan of milk choc - love the plain though!

  5. I'm not sure I could have survived a trip to Cadbury's. All that chocolate? All around me? I believe I would have exploded in a great big ball of happiness.


  6. My only reservation is that is IT quite expensive to go as a private individual - the discounts only reaslly kick in if you are a big school party. The free samples were all milk chocolate, and like Gilly I prefer plain!

  7. Delightful! I like Cadbury now. I didn't know they were Quakers. How fascinating. I love field trips! Teaching middle school, we have too many wild kids to venture out, but I think they'd love that kind of tour! Thank you for such an interesting post!


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