Saturday, 6 June 2009

A Somewhat Soggy Saturday

This morning, when I was in the Village Post Office, I noticed that a new shop had opened. In the Pub Car Park, in a Portakabin! Called "Cherry Blossom" it is selling gift items and flowers.


Small but tasteful - there were four of us in there looking round, and that just about filled the place. Some attractive ceramics, a few knitted and sewn items, quite a bit of jewellery, woodcarvings, and some amazing perspex trays in fluorescent colours. Lots of craftwork made by local people.

DSCF0036 Mandy, behind the counter, was deftly wrapping purchases in vivid pink tissue paper.

I asked if I could take a few pictures for the blog, and she said that was OK - after all, it would be free advertising!

The decor has been thought through carefully, and the cherry blossom theme is repeated throughout - even including script on the ceiling tiles.

It was a shame the weather was so damp - but I wish them well in the venture. Gillian from church was really on the ball - she suggested that Mandy should decorate some of her cute enamel brooches with 'fish' logos, as they would make great gifts for Christian friends. I agreed and said I would certainly buy one [only £3]


After that I went to the library and changed my books and then did some more Holiday Cub preparation at church.

Less than eight weeks to go now, and booking forms have started coming in.

Bob was working non-stop today and after lunch I suggested he should get out as well and have some fresh air.


So we went to the School Fete at Ratby [where I taught on Wednesday and Friday this week] Felt so sorry for them as the drizzle undoubtedly put off some of the punters.

Bob was pleased to get 3 Sci-Fi books for 10p each, but I resisted buying any more books. They had a Fire Engine in the Car Park.


gaviscon3Bob is inside on this shot, then I climbed up too. I did ask - they do not carry Gaviscon [that is only on American Fire Appliances, I was told!]  The other side of the fire engine was a police car. Nobody was paying them much attention - I don't think they were considered to be as interesting as the firemen!


Back home again, and lots of housework, and preparation for preaching at the URC tomorrow. The worship group from our church are leading the worship, and have picked some great pieces, which will fit well with the theme.

My thoughts and prayers are with blogfriend Tina in Scotland this weekend - she makes her vows as a Salvation Army Soldier tomorrow.  William Booth said, about 100 years ago, but it strikes me as still relevant

“I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, and heaven without hell.”

So brush your uniform, and put your new hat on straight, Tina - as the old song says "there's a work for Jesus none but you can do"


  1. I think William Booth was quite right and fancy that he said that 100 years ago!

    Cherry Blossom looks great and what a wonderful way to 'set up shop'.
    A flower stall near us is just a gazebos (sorry, not sure of the spelling!) set up at the side of the road and they sell some beautiful flowers.

    You have a great blog - thanks.

    Blessings, Carol

  2. Have you seen the new gift shop and coffee bar in Cherry Tree Court with a similar name. This too is well worth a visit with freetrade coffee and delicious cakes.

  3. Dear Anonymous - check out the post for June 16th!!


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